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Horsemanship Adventure Series
Clay Hill offers to each person a unique experience with horses. Every participant is assigned a horse or pony of his/her own to take care of and learn to ride. Clay Hill is in its 40th season of successful horsemanship programs and is very proud of all the people who have enjoyed this in-depth experiences with horses through the years.  Clay Hill Stables is a minority owned business in P.G. County.

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The Clay Hill horses and ponies are of impeccable quality and are well-trained at all levels plus being child oriented. We have had an excellent record in the past 40 years of operation due to constant supervision. You may meet our well-trained equine friends at many local horse shows and fundraising events or with the Interscholastic Equestrian Team whose members ride and train at Clay Hill Stables.

Clay Hill Stables
9911 Old-Ardwick-Ardmore Road
Springdale, Maryland 20774

Ages 8 – 18

We have a specialty lesson plan that involves much riding each day and theory classes and hand on applications during any down time between lessons and students are expected to be able to ride 4 times daily.

Any single week of lessons at Clay Hill   $500

Includes 2 mounted lessons, 2 practice ride and theory lessons each day

Payment of Non-Refundable Deposit  of $300 per riding lesson weekly session

2015  Full Summer Special           $2000* if a new student   $1200 for existing Clay Hill students


(must be paid in full by May 15, 2015 to receive special price)
* 10% discount for  2nd child enrolled in the same session.

A.M. or P.M. Extended Care $30 additional per week for each or $120 per session.

2015 Dates

June 22-24  SPECIAL IEA/IHSA PREP CAMP – Cost $225

June 29 – July 3  -Preparation for an “A” show. Grooming, Conditioning  – Riding 4 times daily

July 6 – July 10 (CHS students only when we welcome Falls Church)

July 13 – July 17   OFF-SITE Adventure with your horse and Horse Health  –  Riding 4 times daily

July 20- July 24   (CHS students only when we welcome Falls Church)

July 27 – July 31    Tack Room and Equipment    Riding 4 times daily     Zone Show Stirrup Cup* –

August 3 – August 7            BEACH RIDE ADVENTURE  and Riding 4 times daily

August 10 – August 14       Cross Country Adventure and  Riding 4 times daily

August 17- August 21        BEACH RIDE ADVENTURE  and Riding 4 times daily


9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Children may arrive as early as 7:00 a.m. or remain as late as 6:30 p.m. at an additional charge. Children not picked up by 5:00 may be invited to swim in the family pool as a guest with parental permission, but the swimming pool is off-limits during horse camp curriculum. $30 fee per week for either a.m. or p.m. extended care.

An excellent staff of capable, certified sensitive professionals work with you or your children in all phases.

Participants must be covered under a family medical insurance plan whose name shall be listed on the application form. Out of state participants must produce immunization records as required by the State of Maryland.

Drink and Afternoon Snack Provided

Adventurers should bring a bag lunch, extra clothes and riding gear which consists of long pants and hard-soled shoes with a 1/2 inch to 1 inch heel.

Clay Hill is fully licensed by the State of Maryland and by Prince George’s County.
Tax ID#21-5786459

For More Information
Call (301) 773-0444

(301) 773-0444 or email to

Series enrollment is limited to 10 per session.

Ratio of staff is 5 to 1.

Qualified participants may have the added experience of showing at a local show and/or may be invited to experience Trail Rides, Field Trips or Overnights. The Horsemanship Adventure Series is designed to educate; therefore not all participants may enjoy all phases.

Clay Hill Stables Horsemanship Adventure Series 2015

________________________________________ Age________ Birthdate ____________ Sex _______
Phone (H) _______________ (W) ______________
Emergency Name ____________________________
Emergency Phone ____________________________
Date of Last Physical ___________
Result _____________
Date of last tetanus _____________
Medical Insurance Carrier _______________________
Does your child attend a school in Maryland? ____________
Has your child been exempted from an immunization? ______
Note: If your child attends a school in Maryland, he/she has received all required immunizations, unless he/she was exempted for medical or religious reasons.


I hereby give permission for my child,  _______________________________________, to participate in the Clay Hill Stables program described herein, subject to its rules and regulations. I agree that I shall not hold Clay Hill Stables, Ms. Emalyne Prettyman or any person(s) connected with the operation of this activity liable or responsible in case of an accident or injury. I understand that all necessary precautions are taken to ensure the safety of my child/myself, but I AM FULLY AWARE of the risks involved when working on and around horses. By signing this form, I assume these risks and give my permission for my child to ride, swim, participate in outdoor sports, go on trips and hikes and work in the barn area. I further realize that just being on the premises where horses, ponies and other animals are kept is in itself a risk. I understand that if my child should be an invited guest in the pool or pool area, this constitutes a privilege that is not part of the horsemanship curriculum and is also an extreme risk. I fully assume this risk by signing this form. I also realize that if I avail myself of child care before or after the Program, I am giving permission for my child to be on the premises without full staff supervision and children are subject to the rules and regulations of this activity; i.e., to remain in the HOUSE, TACK ROOM or OFFICE and not be outside in the pool area, the barn area or in the fields around the barn. I further realize that I will have to sign a Medical Form and Medical Treatment form on the 1st day of camp and understand that there are no refunds of camp deposits.
SIGNATURE OF PARENT ______________________________________ DATE_________________
ENCLOSED CHECK IN THE AMOUNT OF $__________ (must be $300 min)
BALANCE DUE $__________
Balance of tuition must be paid on or before the first day of each session.

Contact us: (301)773-0444(301)773-0444
Fax: (301)773-5323

1. If my child has never ridden, or is a beginner, is this camp appropriate?
Yes, most of our campers are new to riding. If necessary, we put the more experienced riders into separate groups during camp.  Ask about the specific weeks for beginners to enjoy their experience.

2. What type of clothing/shoes does my child need?
For winter riding camps, dress in layers. Thermals are suggested. Hats ad gloves and layered socks are also suggested.

For summer camps, children should wear jeans or other long pants and bring along a pair of shorts to change into for non-riding activities.   Correct attire includes half chaps or breeches and boots, a helmet although we do have those to loan and a suitable shirt that can be tucked in to the pants.

All children are required to wear riding or other boots with a slight heel for safety for any time on the horse. Sneakers tend to be too wide and can get caught in a stirrup and if your child is stepped on and sometimes horses step on toes, the tennis shoes do not provide protection to the foot.

3. Does my child need a riding hat?
Riding hats are required. The stable has some hats available that your child may borrow, however, it is best that you bring along your own helmet for the best fit.

4. Should my child bring along a water bottle or juice?
For winter camps, probably not. A warm lunch and hot cocoa will be provided.
For summer camps, it’s probably a good idea to bring along a water bottle although we have 3 water coolers available.  One at the barn, one at the riding ring and one by the dressing rooms.

5.  Suppose my child does not want to ride?

Many children are scared in the beginning but once they give it a try and realize how gentle the horses and ponies of Clay Hill Stables are and after they have worked with them one on one grooming and leading, they will be less afraid of riding.  This however is a riding program of two lessons daily.

6.  What other activities do they have?

We have videos, theory lessons, grooming, saddling, bridling, arts and crafts, scavenger hunts, contests, demonstrations, mucking, leading, bathing — everything involves a horse or pony!  The Specialty sessions are only riding lessons with an emphasis on specific horse related topics for any down time between the morning and the afternoon class.