Clay Hill provides the following services for you and your horse at a very convenient location:

Stall Board – daily turnout , quality feed and hay, weekly farrier service, 12 x 12 matted stalls, lighted all weather footing, accessible 24 hours a day for boarders, discounted lessons for boarders, use of one of our horses if yours is laid up.  *All boarders must be enrolled in lessons.

$550* per month plus expenses

Training Board – daily turnout, grooming, rides, showing

$900 per month plus expenses

Horses ridden and/or lunged and groomed daily

Track/Medical Layups – $30 per day plus expenses

Expert bandaging, hand walking, dispensing medications included

•  Lessons        Available Daily and Evenings with Liberal Makeup Policy

Individual Lesson  $75  (1 hour group or 1/2 hour private or semi-private)

Group Lessons – 10 Lesson Package   $475

Semester Package $1100**       (13 weeks – 2 lessons weekly and 2 practices)  **$975 if paid by the 15th of month preceding semester   (2-payment plan available of $600 by 15th of month preceding semester and $550 by the 1st of the 2nd month of semester).  Makeups done within semester only.   Some lessons may be unmounted theory lessons or video instruction if inclement weather.

Private/Semi-Private   - By Appointment Only

• Horse Leases* - Monthly or yearly, horses and ponies available

Show  leases available as well as 1/2 leases or full leases

• Summer Horsemanship Adventure Series 2014

   Brochure Available Now

• Practice Rides*     

                    Available for enrolled students only $25 each or 10/$180

Coaching at Shows

  $60.00 Per day + pre-approved, reasonable expenses  


  Owner provides & applies shipping boots/wraps
(Add $10.00 for Clay Hill applied boots/wraps)$85.00 minimum +$1.00 per loaded mile in PG County or $95 minimum + $1.00 per loaded mile out of county.

Trailer Storage

$35 per month for Boarders only

Horse Rental for Shows

  $50 Per day horse rental, includes one practice week before show