Clay Hill provides the following services for you and your horse at a very convenient location:

Stall Board – daily turnout , quality feed and hay, weekly farrier service, 12 x 12 matted stalls, lighted all weather footing, accessible 24 hours a day for boarders, discounted lessons for boarders, use of one of our horses if yours is laid up.  *All boarders must be enrolled in lessons.

$550* per month plus expenses

Training Board – daily turnout, grooming, rides, showing

$900 per month plus expenses

Horses ridden and/or lunged and groomed daily

Track/Medical Layups – $30 per day plus expenses

Expert bandaging, hand walking, dispensing medications included

•  Lessons        Available Daily and Evenings with Liberal Makeup Policy

Individual Lesson  $75  (1 hour group or 1/2 hour private or semi-private)

Group Lessons – 10 Lesson Package   $500 and includes 2 individual practices during the 10 week period at your convenience.

Semester Package $1150**       (13 weeks – 2 lessons weekly and 2 practices)  **$995 if paid by the 15th of month preceding semester   (2-payment plan available of $600 by 15th of month preceding semester and $600 by the 1st of the 2nd month of semester).  Makeups done within semester only.   Some lessons may be unmounted theory lessons or video instruction if inclement weather.  This does not include IEA Team Practices.  Individual practices only.  Reduced trailering to horse shows & clinics and also reduced coaching and horse rental fees for showing and clinics and trail rides excursions.  This semester package is for group lessons only although private and semi-private lessons may occur periodically.

Private/Semi-Private   – By Appointment Only  – $600 /10  Individual $75

MONTHLY LESSON PLAN –  We are introducing a new “pay by the month” lesson package which will be due on the 1st of each month.  Cost is $195  for a month with 4 lesson days, $240 for a month with 5 lesson days.  This package will include 1 free practice each month.

IEA TEAM – Must be enrolled in weekly lessons.  Team practices held three times weekly with full instruction for 1 – 2 hours.   If you avail yourself of these team practices which are not mandatory for competing on our IEA team, you will be expected to do some barn chores in exchange for these instructed practices and use of the horses/ponies.  This could include grooming, lunging, stall cleaning, water, hay or any barn chores necessary to help the quality of life of the incredible horses at Clay Hill.

• Horse Leases* – Monthly or yearly, horses and ponies available

Show  leases available as well as 1/2 leases or full leases

• Summer Horsemanship Adventure Series 2015

   Brochure Available Now

• Practice Rides*     

                    Available for enrolled students only $25 each or 10/$185

Coaching at Shows

$60.00 Per day + pre-approved, reasonable expenses


Owner provides & applies shipping boots/wraps
(Add $10.00 for Clay Hill applied boots/wraps)$85.00 minimum +$1.00 per loaded mile (over 10 miles) in PG County or $95 minimum (over 20 miles) + $1.00 per loaded mile out of county.

Trailer Storage

$25 per month for Boarders only

Horse Rental for Shows

$50-75 Per day horse rental, includes one practice week before show